Stress Less Cards (Stressinhallintakortit englanniksi)

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Easy and effective exercises for stopping your stress reaction.




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Stress Less Cards contains 50 easy and effective exercises for stopping your stress reaction.

Use the diverse exercises in your everyday life – at your desk, on the bus, or while queuing at the supermarket!

These cards are your first aid kit for stress. Practice and repeat, and you’ll learn to recall an exercise when you need it.

These cards are created for you, who…
…looking for tools to relieve the stress reaction.
…wants more balance in your life.

Instructions for using these cards:
Shuffle the cards and pick a random card. You can also ask in your mind what would be the best card for the current situation. After doing the exercise evaluate how it worked for you. When choosing an exercise, don’t do it based on its text: some exercises might sound a bit funny or weird – and those might be precisely the ones that work best for you. When you discover the exercises that are most suitable for you, write their numbers down to easily find them later.

The most important thing is to try, learn and repeat the exercises as many times a day as possible in your everyday life to make them a routine. When doing the exercises you may learn that stress management is possible every day, all the time and everywhere.

About the creator
Sanna Wikström is best known for founding and owning the largest wellbeing website in Finland, called Hidasta elämää (Slow life). She is a Master of Arts and a Mindfulness teacher with a background in NLP. Sanna has written 7 best selling books and designed card desks, all focusing on spiritual and mental wellbeing. She is mother of two young daughters.

Cards are FSC® –certified


Card deck is not wrapped with plastic.


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  1. Mira (varmistettu kirjoittaja)

    Nämä kortit olleet käteviä itselle ja nuorille stressinhallinnan keinojen moninaisuuden esiintyjänä. Käytän sekä itse että töissäni.

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