Sleep Tight Cards (Unikortit englanniksi)

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Unikortit englanniksi

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The sleep tight card deck contains 45 cards with exercises designed to help you relax and fall sleep easier. Just pick a card and follow the instructions.

By practicing these simple self-soothing techniques you will learn to feel calmer about yourself and your lige, going to bed won’t be stressful, but peaceful instead!

Cards are FSC® –certified


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1 arvio tuotteelle Sleep Tight Cards (Unikortit englanniksi)

  1. PP (varmistettu kirjoittaja)

    This deck of cards offers you excellent ways to relax right before bed. The relaxation practices and writing practices are on different background color so they are easy to tell apart. Would recommend these to anyone, who’s struggling with falling a sleep or has hard time relaxing to bed.

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