Empowering Questions (Voimauttavat kysymykset englanniksi)

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Colourful deck of cards for meditation, self help, happiness and stress management. Explore your inner world, build self-esteem, overcome fears and achieve mindfulness.

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Empowering Questions card deck includes 52 beautifully illustrated cards that contain questions for you. Open the pack and discover all the self help questions. The doors to your inner world and a deeper insight of who you really are!


❤️EMPOWER YOURSELF: Love yourself again, embrace every single detail that makes you unique and bring mindfulness to your life. Start inner conversations every once in a while, trigger positive responses that will stimulate a calm, positive and peaceful attitude towards life. Nothing can stop you now! You are in control!

💛REGAIN LOST CONFIDENCE: Struggling with low self esteem, loneliness, everyday workstress and overwhelming anxiety? Say no to all of the above with these powerful meditation cards. Find answers to all your questions. Examine yourself, discover your hidden energy, release your strength, and gain that lost confidence back.

💚DISCOVER THE NEW YOU: These Empowering Questions cards can help you initiate powerful inner self talk, travel you back in time, facilitate reminiscing and forgiving, ameliorate the way you treat yourself, and help you overcome difficulties in the long run. Find the true meaning of life by simply answering these questions.

💜CHOOSE YOUR OWN PROCESS: One of the greatest things about these Empowering Questions cards, beside their lovely colours and intriguing questions, is their versatile nature. Use them anyhow you want. Ideal for writing, journal keeping, meditation, solo or with others, and as a visible reminder of your goals! The options are endless.

Instructions for using these cards:
Use these cards for meditation, for writing, or in any other empowering process you like. You can pick up cards by intuitively and answer the questions by writing or just ponder them. Or you can also spread the cards to the floor and choose the questions which speaks to you the most in the moment.

About the creator
Sanna Wikström is best known for founding and owning the largest wellbeing website in Finland, called Hidasta elämää (Slow life). She is a Master of Arts and a Mindfulness teacher with a background in NLP. Sanna has written 7 best selling books and designed card desks, all focusing on spiritual and mental wellbeing. She is mother of two young daughters.


Cards are FSC® –certified


Card deck is not wrapped with plastic.


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