Dream Cards – Change your thoughts, change your life

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50 beautiful thought and life changing cards designed to help you reach your dreams and goals!

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50 beautiful thought and life changing cards designed to help you reach your dreams and goals!

You have dreams and goals, and these cards will help you to make them become a reality. These cards will challenge you to change your thoughts and actions, to get closer to your dreams. Pick a card and reflect on the message. Maybe you are pursuing a better quality of life: More wealth, a new home, a healthier lifestyle, a fitter physique or just more joy in your life. The Dream cards will help you shift your focus to the important issues. You will get a fresh perspective that will inspire you to pursue your goals.

These cards are created for you, who…
…struggle with uncertainty.
…often find yourself thinking “if” or “when”.
…need courage to make your dreams come true.

Instructions for using these cards:
Pick a card each day and make your dreams come true! The Dream cards will encourage you, uplift your spirits, challenge you and help you focus on making your dreams a reality.

About the creator
Sanna Wikström is best known for founding and owning the largest wellbeing website in Finland, called Hidasta elämää (Slow life). She is a Master of Arts and a Mindfulness teacher with a background in NLP. Sanna has written 7 best selling books and designed card desks, all focusing on spiritual and mental wellbeing. She is mother of two young daughters.

Cards are FSC® -certificated.


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