Lapin lumo – enchanting Slow TV from Finnish Lapland

Lapin lumo (“the magic of Lapland”) is Finland’s first step towards the internationally successful Slow TV format. The series comprises of 8 episodes, taking us to different parts of Finnish Lapland, for instance to Kilpisjärvi and Saariselkä. The episodes take place in three seasons: summer, the autumn colours season known in Finnish as ruska, and winter. You are invited along to experience the breathtaking beauty of Lapland and the transitioning of nature from one season and shade to another.

Episode 6 of 8: Saariselkä

Enjoy views of the calm vastness of lake Inarinjärvi – third largest lake in Finland –, where small islands jut up from the waters like the backs of sleeping sea monsters. Hear how dry lichen crackles under footsteps while the wind whispers in the treetops, and admire the glorious glitter of gold, extracted by panning down by a gentle stream. The late autumn skies over Saariselkä, located some 260 km north from Rovaniemi in north-eastern Lapland, may be the shade of pewter, but there’s so much colour in nature – even the night sky is illuminated by some splendid aurora.

Episode 5 of 8: Levi

What could the largest ski resort in Finland, Levi, located about 170 km north of the Arctic Circle, offer during off-season? Well, for instance this: clouds hanging low over the landscape. The gray of the stony slopes contrasting with the deep autumn red of the vegetation on the ground. A wind chime sounding in the wind. Rain pattering on cottage windows. The bold yellows and oranges of the foliage on the rivershore, forming a stark contrast with the dark, calm waters, where a canoe floats gently ever onwards. The crackling of an open fire in a shadowy cabin– you can almost smell the smoke – and the hypnotic beat of a shaman’s drum…

Episode 4 of 8: Luosto

When there’s no snow, what do huskies do when they can’t pull a sled to vent out their energy? (Hint: they have a LOT of energy.) What do the vast swamps feel like during the autumn colours season? (Hint: somewhat wet.) What kind of a sound does a reindeer make when it’s eating lichen? (Hint: it’s hilarious!) And did you know there’s a place in this world where you can dig beautiful amethysts – with your bare hands? That amethyst mine is at Luosto, located in central Lapland, close to Saariselkä. Sit back to enjoy a calming 30 minutes of arctic autumn atmosphere.

Episode 3 of 8: Kilpisjärvi

Did you know that such stunning sceneries exist in northernmost parts of the world? Experience the magical rugged landscapes of northern Lapland and watch this episode filmed in Kilpisjärvi, a tiny village in the northwest of Finland, located some 400 km north from the Arctic Circle, close to the borders to Sweden and Norway. Relax for 30 minutes and let yourself take in the jaw-dropping vistas from the hike to the top of the highest fell in Finland. You can almost feel the spray of the magnificent waterfall touching your face. Goosebumps guaranteed!

Episode 2 of 8: Pallas

A meal prepared by a master chef, outdoors and on open fire, made with wild ingredients fresh from the nature – that you have helped gather just moments earlier… Campfire cuisine, wouldn’t it be the most magical dinner ever? The second episode of Lapin lumo takes you to Pallas, a group of fells in a national park popular among tourists and hikers – and not without reason, as the unique beauty as well as historical significance of the Pallas area makes it one of the national landscapes of Finland. Let yourself be tantalised by the rush of the river and the sound of the swell reaching the lakeshore…

Episode 1 of 8: Ylläs

The first episode of Lapin lumo invites you along for a trek in Ylläs, a fell in the north-western part of Finnish Lapland that is also a popular skiing resort. In the summer, the area is perfect for hiking – even on horseback! During these 30 minutes you will witness the beautiful variety – and varying beauty – of this awe-inspiring arctic area, from the shy, soft greenness of northern nature to the raw, rocky slopes of the Ylläs fell. The amazing aerial views over the vast wild landscapes will take your breath away.

Press Release: Experience the lure of Lapland in Slow TV series ”Lapin lumo”

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